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Have a look at my Doctor Panda First Aid instruction video for children to learn how to treat a cut with 3 simple steps:


Here’s the link to my one minute vimeo video on the progress so far on my origami pop up book 🙂

Please check it out! 🙂

After brainstorming different ideas on how to teach children first aid information, I decided to look into popigami (Origami pop-up books), with the potential of interactivity or even augmented reality (superimposed graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real-time).

Here is an example of popigami:

Interactive pop-up books could be moving a bit of paper and a character moves and aids with unfolding a story.

An example of an interactive pop-up book:

Here’s an example of augmented reality interactive game book:

Books contain interactive three-dimensional animations known as Augmented Reality (AR). Special images in the book, called markers, are embedded in the illustrations. Using PC software distributed with the book and a web camera, readers can view live 3D animations that seem to pop out of the book. The places and characters of the book come to life and the reader can explore the virtual world and interact with the characters by moving the camera.

The British Red Cross have already created some info and games for children aged 5-11 which is a helpful reference:


Below is my timetable of tasks for Pro:Three-

Check out my final illustration/animation piece  for PPD Design with Poetry 🙂


Frog Sound: soundbible.com

Twinkle Sound: freesound.org

Bird Sound: soundbible.com

For my Pro:One project I decided to do the poem “The Fairies” by William Allingham. I wanted to illustrate the poem as a children’s book and animate it sightly (influenced by “The Silent Blue Book”). To animate subtly I needed to learn how to use After effects. Here are some screen shots of tutorials  that helped me achieve my final outcome:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. Water: Using a displacement Map. In the end I was able to use the position and rotation stopwatch to achieve water movement.

2. Candle Glowing: Learnt ‘wiggle’ and how to make the candle glow as well as masking.

3. Starry Night: Learnt how to use plugins (Trapcode), create a starry night northern light sky twinkling.

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