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As a university project I designed a Health and Safety Poster for the company DePuy. I used simple stick men and humour to make it memorable as normally you see posters full of text and no one reads them. Some of the Health and Safety quotes are taken from: http://www.oshax.org/funnysafetyslogans. I will upload the rest of my work at a later date 🙂

Depuy Brief Health & Safety


3ds Max Model & Walk Cycle. I need to work on the walk cycle more, had problems with Bungy’s feet.

Steampunk Butterfly Watch created in 3Ds Max 🙂

Watch in HD 🙂


Lego manuals are simple and don’t have much text so even young children can understand the instructions, and the manual can be used in different countries ^^

Here is the PDF:

Stitch Lego Manual