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My assignment was to re-use a space containing a run-down petrol station in a rural area with anything of my choice that would be beneficial to the area and the community. I choice to place in solar panel trees to recharge cars and a cafe for people to enjoy and relax as they recharge their car.

I was inspired by the solar panel trees I came across in my research: http://inhabitat.com/solar-forest-charging-system-for-parking-lots/

I will upload my research and work at a later date.


My assignment is to design a new company character for the company ‘Seating Matters’, an organisation specializing in chairs for both adults and children for improved comfort, positioning and ease of seating. You can find more information on there website: http://www.seating-matters.com/

I decided to focus on spinal conditions associated with individuals whom require the specialized chairs.

I will add my research and ref work at a later date.