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My screenshots for my Lego spaceship.

My attempt at a mini spaceship for the Lego Stitch set I’m designing. The colour scheme is similar to the cruiser Stitch steals in the film. All the Lego pieces have been made in 3Ds Max. It was quite a challenge to get all the pieces looking like Lego pieces.

After making the Lego man, I decided to attempt a lego stitch.  I used the head of the Lego man as a guideline when constructing the head. I placed an image of stitch’s head in the background to modify the Lego head shape into stitch’s head. I used the plane to creat the ears. By using the twist modifier, I was able to get the shape close enough to how they look on stitch. I was told by the lecturer after that is I extruded the ears from the head it would join better, two objects are joined together which means the connection is not as smooth. I coloured the inside ears by selecting the all the squares within the ear. I created the eyes by making a sphere shape and adjusting the shape to look like stitch’s and to ensure it fit around the face.  the nose was made similarly. I used the boolean tool to take away the nostrils.

I have also included my Scrump attempt and it will be a prop for Stitch to hold.

For my Lego-based brief I decided to look into Lego Anime because I love anime ^.^ I brainstormed my options an topics I would love to do. I finally decided to base my Lego anime on Stitch from Lilo and Stitch the Disney animated film. I have gathered research together which I will put on my blog soon….

For now, here is a sample of how I picture a Lego Stitch…

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This task involved selecting a descriptor which defines gender, a theme and a characteristic. I chose to do female, retro and friendly/gentle. The shape had to be within a space envolope of 50mm x 71mm x 100mm.

Here is what I have come up with so far…

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I decided to include colourful mushrooms, clouds and cute friendly characters ^.^ I will be putting up my sketch work soon.

Messing about with 3Ds Max quickly 🙂 Learnt about FFD 3x3x3 and experimented with the control points.

Fluffy Marshmallows

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