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Ideas and Designs for the children book:

Ideas and Designs for the children book:


I attempted making a simple book for ‘Mallow’s Adventure to Marshmallow Land’ ^.^ Hope you like it!

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When I started my research, I looked online and went to book stores to get a feel for children books and get inspired. Here are some art styles I liked:

Figure 1.

I like the light toned and pale colours used, the watercolour/washed out effect is quite interesting and I like that style. The illustration is simple and the title is clearly portrayed by the ‘laughing giraffe’. It is quite simple and straight forward which is what my lecturer desired.  The main aim is to concentrate on the illustrations and keep the story simple. This is especially important with the fact that the book is aimed to 5-7 year olds who are learning to read.

Figure 2.

This art style is very cute and has a similar water-colour style to figure 1. As my book is based on marshmallows, I quite liked the bubbly and playful nature of the style. It is also not crowded, quite spaced out with areas of white which is easy on the eyes for children. Emphasis is also portrayed on the main character/object etc. I like this effect and it has influenced my art style for my book.

Figure 3.

This particular art style is very cute and it is quite simple. It isn’t too brightly coloured but with nice tones and slightly dull colours, it is quite beautiful I think. The simplicity of the background has influenced me and the lighting being concentrated on the subjects has also influenced me. I particularly like the odd shape of the characters (a cat and a rabbit), the style is very nice ^.^

Figure 4.

When I discovered this image I was very influenced by the thought of creating marshmallow characters that look like animals ^.^ I thought the little marshmallow animals were extremely cute and appealing to children. Furthermore, I thought the idea of basing a children’s book on marshmallows would be quite unique and different ^.^

Images taken from:




Here is my readjusted children’s book after receiving feedback from my lecturer.

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I also created a simple book for my children’s book ‘Mallow’s Adventure to Marshmallow Land’. I will upload the images soon. ^.^

For my major project in Image Making (Des 123) I had to do an illustration producing a series of drawings based on the theme ‘Change’.

‘Using your drawings create a main character for a children’s storybook. Write a short story of 10 sentences, one per page. Illustrate your story of approx. 12 pages to include a front and back cover. Aim your story at the 5-7 year age range. Include illustrations of your main character and supporting characters. Keep your story simple concentrating on your illustrations.’

I decided to do a short story about marshmallows. The story revolves around a pink marshmallow called Mallow. She loses her friends and on her journey to Marshmallow Land to reunite with her friends, she meets new marshmallow friends ^.^

Here is my progress so far:

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I was given feedback from my lecturer on the book and I will make adjustments:

1. Change the alignment of the text.

2. Make the text smaller to not distract the viewer from the illustrations which should be the main focus.

3. Change the front cover illustration to something similar to the back cover as it is strong enough and does not give away too much of the story.

4. Smaller text ont he back cover, including the price.

One of my briefs was to select two newspaper articles from a selection given to the class and select two which we would like to illustrate. I was allowed to use any medium, style colour or technique of my choice. I decided to use Photoshop and choose a ‘Ban TV to protect your child’s health’  and  ‘Woman in £10k Theft Haul but Avoids Jail’ articles.

Below are my final designs ^.^

Tv Ban:

Woman Stealing:

Woman Stealing

TV Ban

I wanted to keep the style cartoony, playful and humorous ^.^ I used Photoshop to create the illustrations and I quite enjoyed the process. I am learning more on Photoshop and doing these tasks helps me improve my skills ^.^

Progress shots are below:

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Another topic had to be chosen for my uni course so I decided to focus on art in Glasgow. My class was given the opportunity to travel to Glasgow and visit many art museums which was very insightful and fun ^.^

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