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In semester one I had a class on 3D Animation, our brief was to create a storyboard based on the theme: ‘The Beginning and The End of the World’.

My story starts off with a black screen, fades into a white screen and a mini spark appears then disappears. A bigger spark appears and a little grayish ball appears and begins to bounce about. More sparks appear, followed by more little balls. The little balls get bigger and bigger, as they do, they also change colour. They speed up and eventually collide together forming a colourful ball. It begins to rotate and shapes begin to protrude from the ball, trying to break free. Shapes eventually break free and leave particles behind and making the originally large ball into a small ball once again. the ball bounces up and down, side to side, slowing down and eventually lies on the ground motionless. A spark appears and disappears. Then a large colourful spark appears, and a the ball disappears. the screen is left white and fades into black.

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I created the key images on Photoshop, at this point I was a beginner at Photoshop, so the visual impact isn’t as powerful as I wanted.