Lego Stitch Progress

Posted on: April 24, 2011

After making the Lego man, I decided to attempt a lego stitch.  I used the head of the Lego man as a guideline when constructing the head. I placed an image of stitch’s head in the background to modify the Lego head shape into stitch’s head. I used the plane to creat the ears. By using the twist modifier, I was able to get the shape close enough to how they look on stitch. I was told by the lecturer after that is I extruded the ears from the head it would join better, two objects are joined together which means the connection is not as smooth. I coloured the inside ears by selecting the all the squares within the ear. I created the eyes by making a sphere shape and adjusting the shape to look like stitch’s and to ensure it fit around the face.  the nose was made similarly. I used the boolean tool to take away the nostrils.

I have also included my Scrump attempt and it will be a prop for Stitch to hold.


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