Illustration Major Project: Children’s Book

Posted on: April 12, 2011

For my major project in Image Making (Des 123) I had to do an illustration producing a series of drawings based on the theme ‘Change’.

‘Using your drawings create a main character for a children’s storybook. Write a short story of 10 sentences, one per page. Illustrate your story of approx. 12 pages to include a front and back cover. Aim your story at the 5-7 year age range. Include illustrations of your main character and supporting characters. Keep your story simple concentrating on your illustrations.’

I decided to do a short story about marshmallows. The story revolves around a pink marshmallow called Mallow. She loses her friends and on her journey to Marshmallow Land to reunite with her friends, she meets new marshmallow friends ^.^

Here is my progress so far:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was given feedback from my lecturer on the book and I will make adjustments:

1. Change the alignment of the text.

2. Make the text smaller to not distract the viewer from the illustrations which should be the main focus.

3. Change the front cover illustration to something similar to the back cover as it is strong enough and does not give away too much of the story.

4. Smaller text ont he back cover, including the price.


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