Typepro Final – Newspaper/Magazine Spread

Posted on: April 10, 2011


Brief: Grid systems and the hierarchy of type (Newspaper/Magazine spread)

I created the magazine spread on Photoshop and based the theme of the spread on marshmallows. All the images are first-hand and the text content is created by myself.

Magazine Spread

The main title ‘Marshy’ was created using mini marshmallows, spelling out the word and taking a picture. I placed the image in Photoshop and took away the background. The overall background is an image of many marshmallows of different sizes, I went to Sainsbury’s and bought lot’s of marshmallows ^.^

The prominent image on the left are marshmallows with melted chocolate eyes and mouths. My magazine spread was based on the yumminess of marshmallows and I included a short comic strip about a marshmallow called Marshy. The marshmallow dog and giraffe were created using tooth picks to hold them together. Chocolate was again used for the eyes, nose and spots ^.^ The font used was Corbel. The font used for the comic strip was Cooper Std. The font used for ‘Marshy’s Marshmallow Adventure was Marshmallow. I love that font ^.^

My messy work desk from all the marshmallows, etc ^.^

My attempt at making a marshmallow dog out of marshmallows and tooth picks ^.^

After receiving feedback from my lecturer I made adjustments, my final design is in my new post ^.^


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