Wine Label: ‘Kawaii Ai’ & ‘Aoi Ai’ Revisited

Posted on: April 4, 2011

After creating Aoi Ai I was given feedback from my lecturer on how to improve both the Kawaii Ai & Aoi Ai wine labels.

Aoi Ai:

1). Move the brand name from the top of the label to the middle as it is the main focus and ensures the Japanese characters communicate its origin.

2). Move the bubble character from the middle to the left side of the label.

3). Allow more room for the brand name pulling out and lengthening the inside borders.

I decided to include the strawberry image used in Kawaii Ai and place the image behind the title with the opacity lowered. I also included little stars of different sizes for an attractive visual imagery.

Kawaii Ai:

1). Again, move the brand name to the middle of the label.

2). As the main heart at the top of the label does not take as much room as the spike symbol on Aoi Ai, I could place the bubble character below the heart for more visual impact.

3). Recreate the inside borders to allow more room for the brand name.

Click on the image below to enlarge ^.^
I showed my lecturer these new designs and Kawaii Ai is fine the way it is. Aoi Ai, however, needs the inside border lowered down and widened to give more room for the brand name.  I will make amendments soon ^.^

Wine Label Design – Female and Male

Here is the revisited Aoi Ai:

At first I redesigned the middle border section, I didn’t like how it turned out, so I decided to adjust it again.

I decided to design the middle structure similarly to Kawaii Ai which I thought worked better ^^

Here are my poster designs for Kawaii Ai and Aoi Ai:

Images of the wine labels placed on a clear bottle as an example of how the product could look like ^.^


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