Typrpro 3 – Research Part 2

Posted on: February 12, 2011

During my research I came across Hello Kitty Wine from Japan – They are incredibly cute! ^.^ I don’t drink, but these are tempting…. Don’t you just want to buy one?  >.<

The shape of the above bottle is quite cute, shaping part of the neck around the love heart ^.^ For my wine label design I will also consider how the bottle looks and how it is presented.

I’m glad I was able to come across such cute, unique and colourful designs to inpsire me. I love cute things which is one of the reasons why I love Japan, everything there is kawaii! (Cute in Japanese) . ^.^

I didn’t expect there to be Hello Kitty Wine which surprised me, but then again look at these:

A special edition of Beck’s Bier that came out in Spring 2009.

Sanrio, (creater of Hello Kitty) made pure gold playing cards which were released on celebration of her 33rd anniversary. I found out that the set of 54 cards contains 0.73g pure gold per card and costed 576.000 Yen – About £2500. >.<

Hello Kitty Sausages – hahaha ^.^

A Hello Kitty Gun – Too much pink? I don’t think so ^.^

I guess Sanrio decided Hello Kitty can do anything ^.^


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