Typos in Typography

Posted on: January 31, 2011

The term ‘typo’ refers to a typographical error when a mistake is made during the original manual typesetting of printed material or during the typing process. Typos can be created through mechanical failures or even the slip of the hand during a manual process.  Typos can take the form of misspelled words with missing letters, duplication of letters, bad translations from a different language, or even simply the subtraction of part of the letter(s).

I discovered that the majority of typos comes from the ‘fat-finger syndrome’ (slang for accidental typing slip-ups), which involves the finger accidentally hitting of two adjacent keys on the keyboard.

Some typos are purposely published to be humorous with the intention of becoming memorable towards the audience which i believe can be very effective.

It is important that typography work should be proofread to detect and correct production-errors in texts.

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